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Selfguided Walking Tours in Natural Park of the Grands Causses by small hotels and charming guesthouses. Walking in one of three very different landscapes of this Natural Park you'll discover a hilly to mountainous part of France known but to a few. But once you'll have been there you sure will want to come back again. Aveyron department in Occitanie offers lots of different walking opportunities for those seeking comfort, stillness and scenic beauty and (you're in France!) .... delicious food.

Walking holiday in Nature Park Grands Causses in South of France - Occitanie

Walking on the trails through Tarn Valley from Albi to Millau and on the Gorges du Tarn and the Cevennes


Individual Hiking and Walking Tours in Tarn basin from Albi through Tarn valley heading up to the Gorges and Canyons of the Gorges du Tarn.

Totally different landscapes are to be found around Tarn basin and its tributaries, streaming from Cevennes mountains to the west.

Millau by vandessel.marc@tiscali.be

From the Spectacular Gorges du Tarn (Gorges, French for Canyons), through the friendly valley down to the plane of Tarn river at Albi, this thinly populated area hides its natural beauty in the many valleys and streams created over millions of years in the upland plains of the oldest mountain chain of Europe, The Massif Central. Here time seems to have stood still. Small, old, medieval villages are the plain remnants of rich historical legacy. Here in the most southern parts of this Massif even a one-day walking stages will offer a varied scenery.

Find here some pictures with the views on Sud-Aveyron.

Totally different landscapes in three walking areas

Tarn Valley (between Albi and Millau)

Between Albi, pink city, with a beautiful brickstoned centre and cathedral and its Toulouse-Lautrec museum and Millau you will be following Tarn river. Down in the valley the river streams to the west between two hilly plateaus with tops up to 700m height, from which you'll have the feel of being in the mountains. The valley, also called "La Vallée de l'Amitiée is een friendly place to dwell and hike. Old castles like Brousse-le-Château, Coupiac, St.Izaire and pitoresque villages like Ambialet, St.Rome de Tarn and Le Minier, life for centuries has centered around these places.
Brousse-le-Chateau in winter time

Walking in Tarn Valley

More pictures of Tarn Valley between Albi and Millau

Pays de Roquefort.

Vieux Pont Medieval of St.Affrique

South of Tarn river, water and limestone plateaus created caves, subterranean rivers, resurging springs.
The most famous of the caves now still is used for the ripening of sheep cheese: Roquefort, king of cheeses, cheese of kings.
Pays de Roquefort also includes the Causse du Larzac and all other medieval Templars garrisons from where crusades started in 10-13th century, as well as the Redlands of Camarès and Abbaye de Sylvanes.
St. Affrique a small southern town is the starting place of many walks in this walking area.

Walks in Pays de Roquefort More P ictures of Pays de Roquefort click HERE

Gorges and Causses (French canyons)

From Millau eastwards Tarn river and its tributaries created 4 canyon like Gorges: Gorges de la Dourbie, Gorges de la Jonte, Gorges du Trèvezel and the most famous of all the Gorges du Tarn. These Gorges are the most spectacular walking area of the Grands Causses Natural Parc. Steep abysses of 400m and the typical scenery of limestone plateaus criss-crossed with rivers.You'll see the Grotte Rose of Dargilan, the special scenery of the Causses (Le Chaos de Montpellier le Vieux and Roques Altes). Your walk begins and ends in Millau at Chateau de Creissels.

St.Chely du Tarn

Canyons, Gorges & Causses
More Pictures Gorges and Causses

La Ligne Verte proposes 5 to 15 day walks in Grands Causses Nature Park.

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Walking in
Tarn Valley
Walks in Pays
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Tarn Valley at Broquiès

pont du navech

Ste Eulalie de Cernon, Templars city.

Walks in
Tarn Valley

Walks in
Pays de Roquefort
Walks in
Canyons & Causses