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Three formulas:
- light cycling tours
- Moderate holiday
- Challenging

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Bike rental
La Ligne Verte does not rent bikes itself, but like the reservation and booking of the hotel accomodations and the organization of bags transfers, La Ligne Verte will also take the necessary steps to hire your bikes for you and in your name at the local bike-stores. You will have your bike either at your hotel, or at a bike store near the hotel to make the necessary adjustments to the bike (saddle, height etc.).

Levels of cycling tours:
level 1 easy, low-level cycling with few ascents/descents with maximum 100m difference in hilly or flat landscape
level 2 generally easy cycling with some ascents/descents with maximum 200m difference in hillier landscapes
level 3 moderate cycling, with some ascents and descents up to 300m difference of altitude in low mountains
level 4 Low mountain with frequent ascents and descents up to 300m difference of altitude in mountains up to 800m
level 5 Middle range mountains/plateaux (up to 1000m), with some harder and longer ascents and descents
level 6 High mountains (more than 1000m altitude); very well trained amateurs
level 7 High mountains, lots of climbing, Very Challenging
level 8 High mountains, difficult, "Tour de France" professional level.

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