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Millau, Causses and Canyons. Gorges du Tarn, de la Jonte and de la Dourbie
Causse du Larzac, Causse Noir, Causse Méjean

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Gorges, Causses and Canyons : Tarn, Dourbie and Jonte River

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Gorges du Tarn, St.Chely-du-Tarn

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Upstream from Millau Tarn river and its tributaries carved out 4 canyon like Gorges: Gorges de la Dourbie, Gorges de la Jonte, Gorges du Trèvezel and the most famous of all the Gorges du Tarn. These Gorges are at the heart of the most spectacular walking area of the Grands Causses Natural Parc. Steep crags of 400m and the typical scenery of limestone plateaux dissected by rivers.

Gorges du Tarn at Roc Hourtous
Gorges du Tarn, Hourtous

You'll see the Grotte Rose of Dargilan, the unusual scenery of the Causses (Le Chaos de Montpellier le Vieux and Roques Altes). Your walk begins and ends in Millau, where you can visit the new viaduct.

Beautiful scenery, lovely footpaths and remote treasures will be your daily bread. The route will lead you to access magical places.
Here, every step takes you to a visible trace of human history like the centuries old stone-built houses, the lovely villages built during Middle Ages, the awesome monuments of cave-dwellers from prehistoric times.

The main part of the region is built upon a limestone plateau cut by deep valleys and covered with orchids and with small white oaks.
On your way you'll find subterranean rivers and impressive caves, such as the pink cave of Dargilan and vultures high above.

Millau is a friendly small town of 27.000 inhabitants with lots of Challenging vacation opportunities.
If you like modern bridge architecture you will enjoy visiting the Millau Viaduct (higher than the Eifel Tower) connecting the Causse du Larzac with the Central Massif.

Customized daily walking distances. Daily transfers by taxi so daily walking distances can be made all customized. If you want you can even skip the walking for some days and go with the bags transfer.

This walk is also available as luxury package.

Surf to this page for pictures of the scenery you'll be walking in.

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H31-sup 6 days
Chateau de Château de Creissels ****

Walk 19 km along Tarn River
day 1
Le Rozier **** Château de la Muse
Transfer to the Gorges de la Jonte (Les Douzes )for a walk to Le Rozier (15 or 17 km)
day 2
St. Chély-du-Tarn **Auberge de la Cascade

Transfer to Les Vignes
Long walk 24 km by the Causse Méjean.

day 3
Meyrueis / Château d'Ayres ****
Transfer to the Cave Aven Armand and 17 km walking.
day 4
Château de Creissels ****

Transfer to le Chaos de Montpellier-le-Vieux or the Canyon de la Dourbie ( 14 to 22 km)
day 5
St. Rome-de-Tarn H-R les Raspes ***
Walk Causse du Larzac and transfer to St.Rome-de-Tarn
End of package after breakfast day 6

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Superior *** packages

Basic rate in € p.p. - double room sharing.
Bags transfer, maps and written route instructions included
2023 BnB's Dinners Basic rate p.p.:
2p sharing room
1-person room
6 days 5 5 € 1032 € 24 € 371

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Extra nights BnB Dinner Rate p.p. 2 p sharing room Supplement
Chateau de Creissels****
yes yes € 128 € 0 € 87
Le Rozier, Château de la Muse et du Rozier**** pool yes yes € 123 € 7 € 76
St. Chély-du-Tarn** pool yes yes € 81 € 0 € 45
Meyrueis, Château d'Ayres **** pool yes yes € 115 € 16 € 57
  • Not included: Lunches.

  • Price solo package: 172% x basic rate. Bags transfer and single room supplement included.

Discount p.p. for small groups and families
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6-9 days packages

Parties of 3 persons :   6 % p.p.
Parties of 4 persons :   9 % p.p.
Parties of 5 persons : 10 % p.p.
Parties of 6 persons : 12 % p.p.
Parties of 7 persons : 13 % p.p.
Parties of 8 persons : 14 % p.p.

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