Cycling holiday on the Aubrac in Central Massif(Guided or unguided tours on the Aubrac plateau at 1300m.)

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This magical part South of the Auvergne every cyclist will like. Unguided tours. You will discover more of its mystic caracter. Fantastic views, the Compostella trail hikers know for years now.
All or some of the stages can be done without a guide. Your tour will be customized as you wish.

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We propose this cycling-tour on the Aubrac as a standard ** (this page) or as a **-*** superior package.
5 to 9 days in hotels and guesthouses.

Your bags are transported and you will start and end in St.Urcize in the Cantal department. the tour heads to the Lozere and the Aveyron departments as well.You can start any day you want.

The Aubrac is a place of vast solitudes, a plateau worn down by erosion which has left a landscape of gentle undulations. Originally forested, it was cleared long ago by the monks who lived there. Now it is mainly grassland, covered every spring by a rich new growth, sprinkled everywhere with millions of flowers.
Images of a landscape divested of trees to an almost spiritual degree, a landscape which fills the walker with sensations of physical altitude and emotional elevation.

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Packages Day programs Prices

B38 superior
Overnights and breakfasts Dinners Lunches Basic rate p.p.
sharing room.
1-p room
Bike rental e-bike rental
5-days 4 4 0 € 690 € 7 € 316 € 72 € 135
6-days 5 5 0 € 853 € 10 € 379 € 88 € 180
7-days 6 6 0 € 999 € 10 € 475 € 105 € 210
8-days 7 7 0 € 1117 € 7 € 496 € 126 € 240

Price of a guide :

€ 200 per day per pax

Price solo package: 167% x basic rate p.p. pax=2p.
Bags transfer and single room supplement included. Bike rental not included.

Extra nights B & B Dinner Lunch Basic rate p.p.
2 p-kamer
1-p room
Extra night in Rodez *** Hotel Biney Yes No No € 72 € 57
Not included: Lunches, Beverages.

Discount p.p. small parties of 3 to 8 persons
(n.a. on extra nights, supplements, guide and bikerantal;
See terms and conditions of group discounts

Parties of 3 persons : 4 % p.p.

Parties of 4 persons : 6 % p.p.

Parties of 5 persons : 7 % p.p.

Parties of 6 persons : 8 % p.p.

Parties of 7 persons : 9 % p.p.

Parties of 8 persons : 10 % p.p.

Packages Day programs Prices

Program and Hotels B38
Standard ** packages
Arrival-day in Aumont Aubrac*** Hotel Chez Camillou d1 d1 d1 d1
Nasbinals *** La Borie d'Aubrac d2
St. Urcize ** Hotel Chez Remise(Chambre de hôte Grégoire) d2 d3
St. Urcize ** Hotel Chez Remise(CdH Grégoire)
Possibility of SPA in la Chaldette
d2 d2 d3 d4
St. Urcize ** Hotel Chez Remise(CdH Grégoire)
Possibility of SPA in la Chaldette
d3 d3 d4 d5
Marvejols***Logis Hotel de l'Europe d6
Last dayin Aumont Aubrac*** Hotel Chez Camillou d4 d5
Last dayin Aumont Aubrac*** Hotel Chez Camillou d4 d5 d6 d7
Leave after breakfast d5 d6 d7 d8

Packages Day programs Prices

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